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Top 5 Best Android Text Apps For Chat And Messaging

Most interesting and heavily used apps on the phone is text messaging. Near about 75% of phone use is credited in the text messaging. Continue  reading the easy way to print text messages from iPhone. Android smart phones have best android text apps. Even android let you with a choice to change your default text messaging app if you don’t like it or become bored with it. It is very simple to replace the previous app with a new one that is far better in swiftness and exactness. But the steps that are involved in the replacement of default text apps are not much simpler.

Once you choose or download the new iPhone app, it will start working immediately and will pick all your incoming messages. If you select your default android text app, you can just uninstall the replacement.

1.Handcent SMS is very simple android text app of choice. Handcent has many features that make it one of the best text messaging programs for android like SMS and MMS support, security functions user customizations and support 20+ languages. Handcent fully unleashes the messaging control for android phones. And it makes it more interesting that is free tools of Android.

2. Go SMS Pro is another interesting android text app. Go SMS Pro has features like gesture support, blacklist support, facebook photo support, and security lock support that are unequaled. It has unlimited options for customization.  It brings you cool limitless, fast and expedient experience of SMS/MMS. The good this is that it is absolutely free.

3. ChompSMS is also a fantastic free android text app and it can replace the default android text messaging app. If someone is paying the massive fee for text messaging then ChompSMS is the best to choose because it can put away you from these big payments. TextFreek service is used for free texting. TextFreek is a very lovely service that helps you to many other phones if the other party is also using the ChompSMS with TextFreek service. Many other features including excess of customization themes signatures contact pictures chat style bubbles etc.

4. TextPlus is also an android text app with free service of sending and receiving a number of messages. This service is available in US and Canada. Also TextPlus is poor in features as compared to other apps, but the most interesting app is group chatting. In group conversations you can find friends if your friends are not online and chat rooms and chat away. Communities is also a feature of TextPlus. Check this doc about android app to print sms messages:

5.GOOGLE VOICE - One of the Android text app by which you can call too many countries and send many free messages called GOOGLE VOICE.  It enables you to check voice mailbox, and it is possible via a number that is known as a personal Google number. Personal Google number can be obtained from Google website. Google Voice is an app for Android that has an enormous future and is an element of everyone’s mobile life.  But this text app of android is limited currently and is only available in the US, serving as a free.

Print text messages from iPhone

For many reasons, you might want to print your iPhone messages to paper for your viewing, caressing, etc., but we'll all find that things are not as easy as we imagined. Since text messages are always stored on the card's internal memory phone and SIM card, so no one can export this type of data from your iPhone to the computer to print through a simple USB cable. So, we need to find another way to print text messages from iPhone.

By the help of Easy Print SMS from iPhone App you can do this task without any problem. This fantastic app can be connected with the Google cloud printer or your local printer. You can also make a backup of your all SMS or MMS files, transfer them to your computer or email.

For more details how to Print text messages from iPhone, check this article:


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